Episode 8

August 08, 2023


From Stay-at-Home Mom to Real Estate Mogul: Janel Loughin's Inspiring Journey

Hosted by

Steve Seymour

Show Notes

Welcome to the investor agent podcast, where we are transforming mindsets from scarcity and lack to abundance and wealth! Through collaboration with high-level investors and business owners, we share the secrets of creating generational wealth and providing a pathway to financial freedom to help you fulfill your life's potential. On this VRA Investor Agent Podcast episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Janel Loughin. Janel Loughin's journey in the real estate world began as a simple hobby—a quest for a change of pace as a stay-at-home mom. With initial aspirations of alleviating family debt and funding dream vacations, Janel's dedication and passion quickly transformed her life in unexpected ways. By her second year, the scales tipped; she juggled the roles of a full-time mom and a realtor, selling an impressive 35 properties. Today, she stands at the helm of a thriving real estate empire, backed by an impeccable team that managed to sell 22 properties in just one month. Despite the challenges faced by many in the industry, Janel and her team have stayed resilient, consistently delivering excellence to their clients. Dive into this episode to hear Janel's inspiring story, her battles with mom guilt, and how she's managed to build multiple businesses around her real estate endeavors.

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